Built in ATX

Here in Austin, Texas, we aim to inspire others to have the courage to live out their wildest dreams and find out what ignites their spark. It's not about reinventing the wheel. It's about changing what we once knew about flowers and elevating it into something impossible to ignore.

The city that raised us emphasizes the essence of being selfless, daring, and weird. These are the values that help us redefine the ordinary and create excitement behind Flor Keeps.

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What are preserved

Our Preserved Roses are 100% real. Grown in South America, they are hand-cut once they’ve reached their true potential. Afterwards, we integrate that special preservation formula that allows each rose to keep its’ natural look for over a year!


Preserved flowers remain beautiful & unchanged for months without water or sunlight-- virtually maintenance-free!

100% Natural

Do not water

Avoid Direct sunlight

Long lasting

Do not Consume

Handle with care

Indoor Use Only

Avoiding Crushing or folding Petals & Stems

Storage Humidity

100% Preserved Roses

The Good


Good Stuff

Our Preserved Roses don't require water to stay beautiful in your home. That's why we're saving it for the people who need it the most.

Flor Keeps is partnering up with Well Aware to help provide sustainable & innovative solutions to water scarcity and contamination in both Kenya & Tanzania! Moving forward, with every stem sold, we will provide over 160 people with clean water this year! MASSIVE steps forward towards a better world.

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Word on the street is...

The roses still look as good as when I first got them! I’ve kept them out of direct sunlight, which help them stay looking perfect.

Rachel J.Austin, Texas

I was stunned how vivacious the flowers looked. After a month they still look as if they were just picked.

Gabby C. Seattle, Washington

These are flowers of the future. Beautiful, vibrant, and can last for a year. Very impressed, Flor Keeps!

Monroe L. Aspen, Colorado