Flor What?

That's right. Its Flor Keeps. Our brand rose up on the idea of, "it doesn't matter where you're going, it only matters to know where you've been". & that's exactly what we've adopted here in Austin, Texas.

Our intention is to drive excitement and turn heads with every collection dropped. Our limited edition products separate us from the rest. We share ideas and introduce concepts never seen before or found anywhere else; making our gifts really “for keeps”.


History in the Making



Inspired by Dad's business over the last 10 years, it was time to shift the mold of what flowers could look like, come from, and how long they can actually live for.

Allowing ourselves to be immersed in the community that raised us, 2021 become the year for Flor Keeps. We're excited to see you become a part of the growth-- fellow Austinites.

Santi SalazarFounder

Who we are

After spending 10+ years in Austin, Texas, Santi quickly came to recognize that the city embodied qualities that are rare to find anywhere else. The food, the scenery, and most importantly; the people, have elevated what it means to love where you live. Austin radiates a sense of creativity, encourages risk-takers to be themselves, & poses an emphasis on always giving back to the community.

“The goal here is to bring the Austin community together & reinvent our wildest visions, ideas, & passions. If there's anything about this city, it’s that we dare to be different. We push the boundaries of ordinary & we fall together, knowing we successfully gave it everything.

We are excited to be rolling out Flor Keeps over the upcoming months to share various aspects our unique brand. & with a clear vision ahead, we look forward to becoming a staple in your household, y'all.”

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